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Ordering and Delivery

Meistersdeli does weekly deliveries; currently the delivery day is Thursday. For those who are ordering Cheese products, the delivery will be on Friday. Orders placed up to Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday. If a Public Holiday falls on Thursday we will deliver on the next working day.

Orders can be made using the website or by email, however we would prefer that you use the website to place an order.

We require someone to be present in order to accept the delivery; we will endeavour to give you a time window for the delivery, however this is also dependent on your fellow customers being able to accept deliveries so please bear with us if there is a delay. If no one is present for the delivery, we will charge Rs500 for delivering on the following day.

Special Deliveries

We are usually able to make a special delivery on other days if the order size is greater than Rs2,500. We will charge Rs500 in addition for a special delivery. Special deliveries need to be made by email.


Our website accepts most major credit cards and bank debit cards. We also accept cash on delivery. We do not give credit, if the delivery is not paid for we will not hand it over.

Prices / Product Availability

All products currently available are on website with our current prices. If a particular product you have ordered is temporarily out of stock, we will call you and offer a similarly priced alternative. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Product Weights

The weight of the product may vary slightly from weights listed.

Sausage Handling & Storage

The meat products you purchase are perishable and require proper storage. The meat products are delivered chilled and should be consumed within 2 months from the date of packing. You should leave the products in the original. If sausage looks or smells spoiled, use common sense and discard.